Our worldwide bestsellers - "White Nights" and "Master Class" series

White Nights and Master Class are a range of professional artistic paints developed for painting mastery and outstanding quality, chosen by several generations of professional artists.
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About Us: Neva Palette

The Neva Palette art paint factory has been producing high-quality products for professional artists, novice creators and kids for 85 years. Today we are the only company in Russia that produces a full cycle of professional art materials.

From the moment of its Foundation to the present day, Neva Palette has been closely connected to Russian and foreign masters of painting, considering their expert assessment, following market trends and technological innovations.
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White Nights
Master Class
Professional Series (Extra Fine)
Innovative developments and sophisticated technologies aimed at producing the highest quality artistic materials have made the White Nights watercolors a hallmark of the company both in Russia and abroad.
The Plant's calling card
Most of the paints are highly light-resistant, ensuring that your works can survive for over 100 years.
Fine grinding of pigments
The paints are made from finely ground pigments and are bound by gum arabic. The high concentration of pigment ensures an extremely intense color tone in the paint.
The series includes oil, acrylic, tempera, and gouache paints.
Master Class oil paint palette: 114 colors; 46 ml tube.
Master Class acrylic paint palette: 50 colors; 46 ml tube.
Master Class tempera paint palette: 31 colors; 46 ml tube.
Master Class gouache paint palette: 31 colors; 40 ml, 100 ml and 220 ml pots of paint.
Fine pigments, own production
Master Class professional artistic paints are made using high-quality pigments (including our own pigments: earth colors, cadmium and cobalt) and carefully selected binders.
Professional Series (Extra Fine)
The time-tested unique formulae, traditional manufacturing technologies and quality control at every stage of production mean that the paints can be used for the most important artworks.
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